UI/UX Design + Web Development for a Traveling Tattoo Artist with Unique Booking Needs.


Ashes Bardole


UI/UX, Web Design, Development, e-Commerce

Ashes had outgrown her previous booking system, and needed something with more automation and flexibility to meet her unique travel/booking needs. The old system was not built to scale with her business — more clients meant more time managing consultations, emails, scheduling, calendars, while still needing to actually tattoo.

We developed custom, automated consultation-to-booking process, automating the old processes. The new, unique scheduling system, allows Ashes to manage the traveling + booking seamlessly.

Website Design and Development HIghlights

Online Consultations

Before, Ashes had to schedule in person consultations, now everything is done through the website. One of many new automations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We built a categorized FAQs, to help prevent Ashes constantly answering the same questions.

Request Your City

Traveling was a big part of Ashes’ business. She had established a decent following on social media and is now able to track how many people request a specific city, and can efficiently know where to travel to next.

Ashes Bardole e-Commerce Website Design and Development

Adding e-Commerce

The new system/website allowed Ashes to start her e-Commerce side of the business; creating more pre-designs to be sold, and designing + selling limited run apparel.

Her business has grown exponentially, so much so that we have to schedule our tattoos months out in advanced. Girl is killing it and we are stoked to be apart of her success.

“Having this website has set me apart from many of my colleagues and allowed me to have more opportunity for work with clients and tattoo shops nationally and now internationally.”

Ashes BardoleTraveling Tattoo Artist

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