UI/UX design & development for a traveling tattoo artist with unique booking needs.

The Story

Ashes had outgrown her previous booking system, and needed something with more automation and flexibility to meet her unique travel/booking needs.

The old booking system Ashes was on was not built to scale with her business. The more clients she got the more time it took to manual manage all her consultations, emails, appointments, calendars, etc.

We developed the new website with a custom consultation to booking process, designed based on the data from our research and user experience exploration. Many of the old processes were able to be automated and created a unique scheduling system, allowing her to manage the traveling + booking needs.

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Above it there hung a picture that he had recently cut out of an illustrated magazine.

Adding e-Commerce

After the launch of the site, the time saved from the automation/ease of the new booking system allowed them more time to focus on expanding the business by creating and selling predesigned tattoo concepts, and limited run apparel.

We created an e-Commerce store within the current site so their bookings and orders are all accessible within a single dashboard.