Canon Creative Studio

Experience Design for the Canon Creative Studio at the Sundance Film Festival 2020


Branding, Design, Web, Motion Graphics

The Story

Canon USA approached our friends at Ori Media to be the creative team for their event at Sundance  Film Festival for 2020. We joined to help creative director, Shadna Aum, for the event with support with the production.

Sundance did not have a specific theme that year. The style was a minimalist brand that was open to interpretation. Based on that we began to explore the style the French New Wave of the 1960s. Digging into old titles and posters from the era for inspiration we built the Canon theme around those aesthetics. Another large influence was the work Piet Mondrian which you’ll clearly recognize.

Canon has always called their event the “Canon Creative Studio”; an event that brings filmmakers together for movie discussions, networking, and hands on with the latest tech from the Canon EOS Cinema line. Feeling like BTS (behind the scenes), we felt the event takes filmmakers not just behind but Beyond the Scenes.

Canon Creative Studio Walk Through With Shadna Aum

Portrait Studio

Professional headshots for attendees by Michael Ori.

Not only did we do all the creative and event planning, we managed the Portrait Studio. Patrons could stop by and come get a professional headshot, with touch-ups and a print to take home. We edited thousands of photos creating an Adobe Lightroom catalog and touch ups using iPads, Apple Pencil, and ProCreate.


View Portraits Here View Portraits Here