Updated brand and website design with an updated sales process to bring the company’s online profile up to date.


Branding, Web Design & Development, UI/UX

The Story was extremely outdated, and was using a website build from 2009. They recently launched a new product targeting COVID-19 testing and needed to update their site.

As a publicly traded company they needed a more modern look and feel to look more attractive to investors. During the process we found their entire sales processes were outdated and required a lot of manual emailing and managing.

We were able to streamline their processes and integrate their Hubspot account into the site allowing more control over their sales forms and contact management.

“Nobody Studio, Inc. not only made our site look and function better, but they were able to help us look at our systems and processes and work with us to improve how we ran our site. Being able to work with a signal company that could handle all facets of the design & development saved us time and money.”

– Max Fayans, Marketing Director, Chembio Diagnostics, Inc.

A complete update.

Not only were we able to enhance the design of the site, improve their sales process but with out partnership WPengine we upgraded their hosting solution to speed up the site by 40%.

We see it all the time, large companies on budget hosting accounts, unaware of the need for a better hosting solution. Setting up with WPengine, the site’s speed significantly increased, as well as utilizing Global Edge Security, and CDNs to help their international reach. This was vital to the success of the website being able to handle their heavy increase of traffic due to the launch of their COVID-19 testing products.