Poster a Week Project

One of dear friends had been working in the service industry for 10+ years… then COVID-19.

In a way to pivot their career  path they took up learning how to code and design. This project was created to teach design principles, understand the programs, get feedback from different style of designers and developers, and ultimately have fun.

After combing through our books to help our new designer in training, we came across “See Also: An Alternative Graphic Design Lexicon.” I have always enjoyed it’s little quips/definitions related to the design industry and decided to use the words + definitions from this book as the content for our poster project.

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As an example I went ahead and did the first word in the book to show my process and how to get started. As a result the rest of the team is going to start on the second word in the book, as to not be influenced by my work.


When a lecturer chooses to use his position to degrade the questioner. A response to a question could be form of a “joke” in which the questioner is targeted and humiliated.


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